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WHATOnline doctor appointments through smartphone tablet or computer.
WHYTo provide quick and convenient doctor appointments for urgent care, mental health issues, preventative care and chronic conditions through video chat.
Doctor On Demand.
Across USA.

Program Description

“Connect face to face using your phone, tablet or computer, 24/7. Just like an in-person visit, the doctor takes your history and symptoms, performs an exam and may recommend treatment - including prescriptions and lab work.”

“Doctor’s appointments can be a chore: It takes nearly 20 days on average to get an appointment with a family physician in the U.S., for instance. But it doesn’t have to be that onerous. New technologies that allow people to see doctors in just minutes—on their smartphone—have the potential to change health care delivery in the U.S.”

“If a doctor sees a patient over video chat and determines they need lab work, the doctor can order the tests and direct the patient to a nearby lab for testing. Patients can choose a lab that works best for them based on location and costs.” article: Are Digital Doctors the Future?

Through Doctor On Demand patients can make online doctor appointments and assist with the following telehealth services:

  • Urgent Care -colds, flu, allergies, injuries, headache, diarrhea, vomiting and more.
  • Mental Health Care
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Lab work and Screenings
  • Preventative Medicine and Medical Advice
  • Women and Men’s Health

Doctor On Demand accepts insurance plans including Humana and United Healthcare and provides online doctor visits to health plans and companies so that they can insure their employees. Companies using Doctor On Demand to provide health coverage for their employees include: The Cheesecake Factory, McDonalds, Comcast, American Airlines, United Airlines and Walmart.

Individuals without health insurance may request an online doctor appointment starting at $75.

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