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WHATReliable online pharmacy that negotiates with major reliable pharmacies to offer cheaper prescription drug prices.
WHYTo provide a discount prescription site that helps seniors and others find the lowest priced prescriptions and save on healthcare costs. The service also provides free home delivery or option to pick up and helps seniors determine coverage, co-pay and deductible.
Blink Health.
Founders - Geoffrey Chaiken, Matthew Chaiken.

Program Description

“You can get your same medication, at your same pharmacy, for a lower price.”
-source: video Blink Health TV Spot ‘Save on your Rx’

“BlinkRx is free. You only pay for your medications.”

“Blink negotiates with the pharmacy industry, so you can get the same medication at much lower prices. Just order online to save. Then choose pickup or delivery to get your medication.”

“Blink Health is driving down the cost of prescription drugs for everyone in America.”

"Blink app is like Groupon for discount Rx drugs”

Blink RX is a discount prescription site that works with major trusted pharmacies to offer prescription medications at discounted prices. Seniors and other are able to purchase medications through the Blink Health website or free mobile app and receive free delivery or have the option to pick up at their local pharmacy.

Seniors can can search for their prescribed medications on the Blink Health website, compare prices, and pay for their prescriptions online.

Blink RX helps look up an individual’s insurance, determines the copay and deductible, assists in getting coverage for prescribed medications and provides free home delivery or option to pickup.

Normally after a prescription is written the insurance company goes to the drug maker and prices are based on what kind of insurance an individual has. Blink goes directly to the drug maker resulting in lower drug prices.

Seniors and others looking to find the the best discounted Rx price online can visit the Blink website or app to:

-Search for Medications - seniors can search for their specific prescription medications on the Blink Health website or mobile app.

-Compare Prices - Blink Health displays prices for selected medications. Seniors can compare prescription drug prices at various participating pharmacies to find the most cost-effective option.

-Send in a prescription - have their doctor send in a prescription to BlinkRx U.S.

-Pay online - view the lowest price for medication and pay securely online.

-Receive free delivery or pick up - seniors and others can choose to get the best priced prescriptions either through free home delivery or pick up from one of 35,000+ participating local pharmacies across the USA.

Blink RX also has licensed pharmacist standing by to answer any questions.

Participating major local pharmacies include:

• Acme
• Albertsons
• Brookshires
• Costco
• Fred Meyer
• Fry’s
• Giant
• Giant Eagle
• Hannaford
• Harris Teeter
• HyVee
• Ingles
• King Soopers
• Kroger
• Meijer
• Osco
• Price Chopper
• Publix
• Safeway
• Smith’s
• Stop & Shop
• Thrifty White
• Vons
• Walmart
• Wegmans
• Weis
• Winn-Dixie


Seniors in particular may find it more difficult to afford the cost of prescription medications due to:

Fixed Incomes - living on pensions or Social Security benefits and limited financial resources can make it challenging to afford the cost of prescription medications.

Higher Healthcare Costs - senior healthcare costs may be higher or place additional financial strain due to age-related health issues, increased doctor visits, managing multiple medications, and medical expenses.

Medicare Gaps - in health coverage for seniors, and out-of-pocket expenses especially for prescription drugs.

Limited Access to Assistance Programs: seniors may not have access to or be aware of assistance programs and/or prescription drug discount programs.

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