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WHATAn end of life care facility that draws upon Buddhist practices grounded in a contemplative tradition of mindfulness. All backgrounds and traditions regardless of religious affiliation, or sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, age, or national origin are welcome.
WHYTo provide a mindful approach to end of life care, along with educational programs, and inspirational support to those facing death, along with their families.
WHEREZen Hospice.
San Francisco Zen Center.
San Francisco, California, USA.

Program Description

" Frank Ostaseski is the Founding Director of the Zen Hospice Project, a nationally recognized program of conscious care for the dying in San Francisco. Inspired by the 2,500-year-old Buddhist tradition of contemplating sickness, old age and death, the Zen Hospice Project encourages and supports a mutually beneficial relationship between volunteer caregivers and individuals facing death. This innovative model of conscious care provides a spectrum of collaborative volunteer program, residential care, and training which aims at cultivating wisdom and compassion through service. Founded in 1987, the Zen Hospice Project is the oldest and largest Buddhist hospice in America."


The focus of Zen Hospice is to create an atmosphere of compassion and interconnectedness for patients, families, and caregivers that moves beyond pain and other symptom management. Emphasis is placed on the emotional, spiritual, and existential nature of end of life care.

Zen Hospice provides end of life care at the bedside for those facing advanced illness and their loved ones, while also training and supporting a new wave of volunteer and professional caregivers.

The Zen Hospice Guest House is a licensed residential care facility for the chronically ill with 24-hour nursing staff, all of who are trained in a mindful, compassionate, and skillful approach to care.

The Zen Hospice Project also offers palliative care at Laguna Honda Hospital, one of the largest public long-term care facilities in the United States. Volunteer caregivers provide practical, emotional, and spiritual support to the terminally ill, while Laguna Honda provides the multi-disciplinary medical and social component. Volunteers and professional caregivers serve a hospice and palliative care floor supporting residents and their families.

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