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WHATA fundraising initiative to provide free hospice care in the UK that sells lottery tickets to the general public for a chance to win cash prizes.
WHYTo raise funds to provide free hospice care for those living in one of the several hospices supported by the Hospice Lottery.
WHEREThe Hospice Lottery Partnership Ltd.
United Kingdom. (UK)

Program Description

"Patients can be cared for and supported in a range of settings, not just at home but at hospices, nursing homes and hospitals, surrounded by highly trained professionals skilled in controlling pain and relieving symptoms."


"For patients, hospice care is free whether it is provided by the NHS (National Health Service) or a charity. Chris Shaw of campaigners Help the Hospices, says many voluntary sector hospices are firmly rooted in their local community and the charities that run voluntary sector hospices depend hugely on the goodwill and generosity of local businesses and individuals to fund their work."

Tickets for the ‘Hospice Lottery’ can cost as little as £1 per week.

Members of the public can contribute to a good cause and have a chance at winning cash prizes.

Hospices offer free palliative care and support to those with life threatening and terminal illness.

Funds raised from the 'Hospice Lottery' are distributed toward providing the following end of life care:

-Palliative Care and Patient Comfort
-Pain Control Treatment
-Complimentary Therapies, Such As Reflexology, Physiotherapy, Reiki And Massage
-Palliative Nursing Care and Home Care
-Family support for coming to terms with terminal illness
-Bereavement Counselling

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