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WHAT Everplans allows people to be guided in step-by-step end of life care planning. Once complete the program allows document storage on a secure server so that everything loved ones will need access to is available when required.
WHYTo encourage people to engage in end of life planning though guidance and to provide document storage in secure location where important information can be accessed.
Co-Founders Adam Seifer and Abby Schneiderman.
Across the USA.

Program Description

"We make it easy with a step-by-step process that starts with the most important things first. When you're finished, you have a complete plan that includes your will, your life insurance policy, your advance directive, your online accounts, and even letters to your family. Information is stored securely on our platform, and your loved ones are given access to the things you choose."

"We're on a mission to change the way everyone deals with death. Planning ahead for it, and dealing with it when it happens."


Everplans would like to see end-of-life planning and decisions given the same attention that other important life events such as marriage, birth, and career change are given.

Everplans breaks down end of life care decisions and planning down into the following manageable steps:

  • Step 1: Tell Everplans what you have already prepared.
  • Step 2: Complete a personalized to-do list.
  • Step 3: Upload everything to a secure vault on their website for document storage.
  • Step 4: Share your plan with deputies (those who are important to you and can access information that they will need, when they need it.)

Everplans allows users to set up document storage information on a secure site such as:

  • Financial Information - Bank and broker accounts, Insurance documents/agent, Safe deposit/storage locker, Contact details for Accountants.
  • Legal Information - Wills, Power of Attorney, Contact details for Attorneys, Advance Directives.
  • Health Information - Medical history, Living will and Healthcare proxy, Contact details for Doctors.
  • Key personal information - Letters and notes to family, Important addresses, Account details for utilities, Online accounts, Communicate your funeral wishes.

Everplans provides quick checklists and easy how to guides on topics such as:

  • Creating an Advance Health Care Directive.
  • Documents to Organize and Share.
  • Naming a Power of Attorney.
  • Planning a Funeral or Memorial Service.
  • Pre-Planning Your Funeral or Memorial Service.
  • Questions to Consider Before You Meet with a Life Insurance Agent.
  • Questions to Consider When Choosing a Nursing Home.
  • Questions to Consider When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility.
  • Questions to Consider When Choosing In-Home Care.
  • Writing a Death Notice or Obituary.
  • Writing a Will.
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