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eFUNERAL.COM is a free, comprehensive funeral and cremation planning resource that provides comparisons of funeral homes in your area, along with free quotes, and reviews. provides loved ones with quick access to the information and support they need in order to make informed decisions at a difficult time with confidence.
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Program Description

"As a people, we are good at making plans for our life, and horrible at making plans for our death. How is it that I spend two hours creating a grocery list and meal plan for the upcoming week, but shudder to think about spending twenty minutes to complete an advance directive?"

"eFuneral was founded out of my personal struggle to plan a funeral for a loved one, who unexpectedly passed away. My cousin died, and my family didn't know how to begin planning his funeral service. It's not that we didn't know where there were funeral homes. There were nearly a dozen within two miles of where he lived - and we were familiar with several of them. We were more interested in understanding why we were to choose one over the other. Our budget was a big concern - but just as important was our desire to have a respectful service for someone who we cared about."

"Up until now, making informed funeral decisions has been nearly impossible. Not only did families have to make quick, expensive, and emotional decisions during a time of crisis, they also had to make those decisions without access to pricing information, ratings, or reviews."

-Mike Belsito, Co-Founder eFuneral. provides contact information for every funeral home in the United States along with pricing information, ratings, and reviews for funeral homes in certain states. provides an online comparison tool to find a funeral home in a specific area that fits your budget. The website states that users have no commitment or obligation to use any of the services listed. provides access to useful funeral planning information and end-of-life tools and resources such as:

  • Durable Power of Attorney/Healthcare Power of Attorney.
  • Living Will.
  • Advance Directive.
  • How To Pay for Nursing Home Care.
  • Using Medicaid to Pay for Nursing Home Care
  • What is an Irrevocable Trust?
  • What is Estate Planning and why is it Important?
  • How to plan a celebration of life memorial service.
  • Dealing with Grief Dealing with the Pain of Losing a Loved One.
  • What to do Following the Death of a Loved One.
  • End-of-Life Planning Checklist -encouraging people to think about end-of-life preferences and creating a financial inventory to help family manage affairs once a loved one has passed away including information about financial accounts, location of important documents, and online account numbers and passwords.
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