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WHATThe Dying Matters Awareness Campaign is the work of a coalition to promote openness and communication surrounding the attitudes around death and dying.
WHYThe aim is to encourage individuals to talk about their end of life care wishes and issues with family and close friends such as: making a will, where they would choose to die, funeral plans, organ donation, legal and ethical issues.
WHEREDying Matters.
National Council for Palliative Care. (NCPC)
United Kingdom.

Program Description

"Raising awareness of death, dying and bereavement."

"A lack of conversation is perhaps the most important reason why people's wishes go ignored or unfulfilled; if we do not know how to communicate what we want, and those around us do not know how to listen, it is almost impossible to express a clear choice. It has been said that what we fear most about dying is the associated loss of control. By empowering patients to express their wishes, that control can be restored."

‘Dying Matters’ aims to start the conversation about death and dying and encourage individuals to be prepared for death.

The organization promotes the following helpful end of life care resources:

‘Dying Matters' Awareness Week
‘Dying Matters: Be ready for it
: Five Things You can do to Live Well and Die Well.’- Five things individuals can do to help prepare for the end of life:

-Make a will
-Record your funeral wishes
-Plan your future care and support
-Register as an organ donor
-Tell your loved ones your wishes

The ‘Dying Matters’ website provides helpful information and support for what to consider ‘Before Death’ such as:

-What is palliative care?
-Medical support and practical assistance
-Paying for long-term care
-Long-term care funding can be a financial minefield
-Writing a will
-Legal and ethical issues
-Planning a funeral
-Organ donation

Information and support for what to consider ‘After Death’ such as:

-What to do when someone dies
-Handling bereavement
-After the funeral

Common questions and worries such as the meaning of life, faith and belief.

Information on End of Life Care Training for Professionals such as the ‘National End of Life Care Program’ by the National Health Service (NHS)

For those interested in increasing death and dying awareness ‘Dying Matters’ offers support in running local campaigns with the help of end of life care resources such as a handbook, along with DVD's and other media and promotional materials.

‘Dying Matters’ is a national coalition of close to 30,000 members, which aims to change attitudes towards death and dying. Members include: the National Health Service, hospices, care homes, charities social care and housing sectors,  a wide faith based organizations, trade unions and many more.

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