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WHATA campaign aiming to legalize assisted dying with safeguards, for terminally ill, mentally competent adults.
WHYThe Dignity in Dying Campaign believes that everyone has the right to a dignified death and that taking action to change end of life rights and law by legalizing assisted dying will give dying people greater choice and protection by introducing safeguards that check for abuse and coercion.
WHEREDignity and Choice in Dying. United Kingdom.

Program Description

"It is impossible to establish precisely the number of terminally ill people who attempt or commit suicide because this information is not required to be recorded. However, personal testimonies show that people turn to suicide in order to attempt to take control over their final moments of life. Some ask for the direct assistance of friends or family members (often referred to as 'mercy killing') and, although many of these cases are not discovered or do not result in prosecution, the negative effects for all concerned are clear."

The ‘Dignity in Dying Campaign’ believes that everyone has the right to a dignified death and that end of life rights and law should include:

-Choice as to where one dies, who is present at the time of death, and end of life treatment options.

-Control over how one dies, symptoms and pain relief, and planning for ones own death.

-Access to expert information on end of life care options, good quality end-of-life care, and support for loved ones and carers.

‘Dignity in Dying’ has published a useful guide, ‘Your Rights at the End of Life’ which includes information on questions and end of life decisions and issues such as:

-Can someone else help me die?
-Can a doctor help me die?
-Can I help someone die?
-Refusing treatment at end of life

‘Dignity in Dying’ works within the law and cannot give any assistance to die but may be able to clarify the law and end of life decisions. The organization views quality end-of-life care as including the choice of assisted death for terminally ill, mentally competent adults who meet strict safeguards and feel their suffering has become unbearable.

According to ‘Dignity in Dying’ 80% of the public believes that it is unacceptable that people who are suffering unbearably from a terminal illness cannot ask for medical help to die if that is what they want.

‘Dignity in Dying’ is proposing end of life laws similar to the Oregon Death with Dignity Act in Oregon, USA that gives terminally ill and mentally competent people the option of an assisted death.

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