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WHATEnd-of-life planning tools and articles on wills, estate planning, power of attorney, advance directives & living wills grief support, counseling and more.
WHYTo provide an online portal to help support and guide families through the end-of-life process.
CEO - Suelin Chen, PhD. Online.

Program Description

“Their current platform has made it simple for people to approach this conversation in a way that is simple and accessible. Their easy-to-use online dashboard is made available through healthcare organizations and on their website and can be used to plan end-of-life preferences for yourself and loved ones.”

“In the future, Chen is hoping to make the Cake platform as accessible as possible, and in that process, to help destigmatize the topic of end-of-life. In the end, she believes that it’s inevitable that a tool like this will exist, and that having these critical choices in the cloud is essential.”

source: article: ‘This Startup Makes End-Of-Life Planning A Piece Of Cake’

The Cake website provides help coping with death, grief, and mortality by providing information, tools and articles. The website helps individuals and families prepare for end-of-life.

Cake provides end-of-life planning tools and articles on a range of topics including:

  • Finance - wills & estate planning, life insurance, power of attorney.
  • Health - advance directives & living wills, hospice & palliative care, organ donation, Alzheimer’s & dementia, serious & terminal illness, eldercare.
  • Funeral - funerals & memorial services, celebrations of life, cremation, burial, headstones & gravestones, funeral home directory.
  • Grief support - support groups, counseling, quotes, prayers, coping with grief, grief & relationships.
  • Sympathy & condolences - what to say, funeral etiquette, funeral flowers, sympathy gifts, condolences.
  • Estate management – wills, probate, closing and managing accounts, death certificates,  home and belongings.
  • Funeral planning – funerals, memorial services, celebrations of life, eulogies, obituaries, death announcements, funeral home directory.
  • Legacy - legacy projects, digital afterlife, genealogy & family history.
  • How to talk about death.
  • Death in religion & culture.

The website also provides helpful information on books, movies, quotes, songs, and poems related to death.

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