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WHAT Hospice and palliative care training for professionals and others for dealing with loss and grief later in life.
WHYTo provide training methods for professionals to effectively serve those coping with loss.
WHEREHospice Foundation of America.
Washington, DC, U.S.A. Program available online.

Program Description

Topics covered in the "Living With Grief: Loss in Later Life Training" Program include:

Death as a Fact of Later Life:

-Age, Death, and Life Review
-Practical Suggestions: Life Review: A Rewarding Activity
-Death in Life
-Voices: Preparing for Departure, Rounded Corners and All
-Stories of the Oldest-Old as They Face Death

Growing Old and Dying:
-Loss and Alzheimer's Disease
-Communicating with Families during Advanced Illness
-Voices: My Maggie Memories
-Spiritual Care as Death Approaches Late in Life
-The Senior Population and the Spectrum of Care
-Practical Suggestions: Linking the Generations
-Issues of Loss and Grief in Long-Term Care Facilities
-Lessons for an Aging Population from the Hospice Model
-Ethical Issues in Hospice Care
-Practical Suggestions: A Final Affairs
-Disenfranchised Grief

Loss and Grief in Later Life
-Loss and Transition in Later Life
-Effects of Grief on a Survivor's Health
-Facing Life Alone: Loss of a Significant Other in Later Life
-Faces of Grief and Intimacy in Later Life
-Voices: Adult Orphans
-Voices: A Grandmother's Grief
-Suicide in Older People
-Voices: Reflections on Post-Traumatic Stress
-Culture and Loss
-Making Sense of Loss
-Counseling Later-Life Families
-Expressive Therapies: Piecing Together the Quilt of Life
-Rituals and Stories: Creative Approaches to Loss in Later Life

The "Hospice Foundation of America" provides end of life care for professionals, patients and families. The foundation's goal is to provide leadership in the development and application of hospice and its philosophy of care with the goal of enhancing the U.S. health care system and the role of hospice within it.

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