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WHATAn alliance of organizations and individuals working to increase public awareness of ways of dealing with death, dying and bereavement and promoting community involvement in death, dying and bereavement.
WHYTo generate ideas and provide encouragement and inspiration for finding ways to deal with death, dying and grief.
WHEREGood Life, Good Death, Good Grief. Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care.
Edinburgh, Scotland.

Program Description

"The Alliance can act as a support, a sounding board, and a network of like-minded people, to help individuals and organizations undertake the change they think needs to happen."

Online resources include end of life information to help those close to someone old or ill and suggests the following:

Do: Remember that actually we are all dying. Conversations and talking about dying can be held on an equal footing, with both participants talking about plans, fears and hopes for their own death and after.

Don’t: Fill silences: gaps in conversations about dying can provide people with the opportunity to bring up subjects that are important to them.

Remember: If you’re worried about getting it wrong with someone you love, you can always discuss it first with someone else you respect and trust – a nurse, friend or a work colleague, for example.

‘Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief’ believes that unnecessary harm is caused because people are not open about death, dying and bereavement. The organization makes the following suggestions for talking more openly about death:

  • Make a will.
  • Do a power of attorney.
  • Ask partner if he/she wants to do a power of attorney.
  • Bring up children in a way which doesn't hide death.
  • Allow aging parents/partner to tell them about their worries and preferences for care.
  • Say goodbye to the loved ones.
  • Be willing to listen to and talk to others if they are experiencing emotional difficulty related to death, dying or bereavement.
  • Discuss with a physician the sort of care they would prefer towards the end of life.

The organization has listed information on what to do before and after a death with regards to advanced planning, funerals, how to deal with bereavement and more.

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