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WHAT The program provides a spiritual presence and accompanies a person from life to death providing whatever is necessary to make the transition peaceful.
WHYTo make the end-of-life transition an opportunity for reconciliation and acceptance for the dying and their loved ones.
WHERESacred Dying Foundation.
Megory Anderson – Founder and Executive Director.
San Francisco, CA, USA.

Program Description

"The Sacred Dying Philosophy is concerned with bringing spirituality, through presence and ritual, into the physical act of dying. Sacred Dying facilitates the creation of a setting where death is experienced with honor, respect, and sacredness. This can be as simple as being present with a loved member of your family and as complicated as transforming the vision of our entire society. It is a proven approach to providing spiritual aid to the dying and their loved ones."

The End-of-Life Vigil - No One Dies Alone" Program includes video training segments and a social networking forum for volunteers. Vigil Training includes on-demand end of life content for beginners and continuing education for professionals.

"The End of LIfe Vigil - No One Dies Alone" program provides a peaceful bedside presence for the dying at hospitals, hospice care, palliative care, nursing homes, and other health care institutions.

Training is appropriate for healthcare professionals, chaplains, hospice volunteers and others in the skill of vigiling at end of life.

Volunteers are trained on family dynamics in the hospital rooms. The goal is to ultimately create and hold peaceful space around the majority of hospital deaths. The benefits of calm around the time of death are experienced by the dying individual, their family and the staff.

A vigil may include sitting together in silence, talking and listening, reading poetry or other scripts, healing touch, and appropriate rituals.

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