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WHATDying With Dignity is a member-based organization committed to helping people achieve quality in dying.
WHYTo help people understand their end of life choices and work for choice in dying for all Canadians.
WHEREDying With Dignity.

Program Description

"Improving individuals' quality of dying and expanding Canadians' end-of-life choices."

‘Dying With Dignity’ provides:

  • End of life information, options and stresses the importance of advance care planning.
  • End of life rights and advocacy.
  • End of life care support.
  • Information about the choice in dying movement, and the reasons why appropriately regulated medically assisted dying should be legalized in Canada.

‘Dying With Dignity’ provides programs in the following areas:

Expanding End-of-Life Choice:

  • Presentations about Expanding End-of-Life Choices -providing education about the reasons why end of life choice should be legalized in Canada.
  • Educating Government Officials - to educate elected officials about the risks and benefits of medically assisted dying.
  • Undertaking Allowed Political Activity- spend resources on allowed political activities.
  • Providing Resources and Support for Court Challenges.

General End of Life Programs:

  • Media Relations -press releases and responses to ongoing end of life issues.
  • Speaker and Ambassador Training Sessions - intensive training sessions twice a year.
  • Book and Video Library - information and resources on end-of-life choice and assisted dying in Canada.
  • Website, Blog and Social Media - information on advance care planning, patient rights and the reasons why Canada needs to expand end-of-life choices.
  • Newsletter -A quarterly publication. Presentations about Advance Care Planning and Patient Rights.
  • Education about patient rights and the importance of advance care planning.

Improving the Quality of Dying:

  • Presentations about Advance Care Planning & Patient Rights and Distribution of Advance Care Planning Kits.
  • Client Support Program - one-on-one counseling to provide objective information about advance care planning, end-of-life options and patient rights.
  • Bedside Support –when a client has made the decision to end their life, if requested, Dying With Dignity can be present to provide information and emotional support to the individual and their family.
  • Patient Advocacy.

The following organizations engage in work similar to ‘Dying With Dignity’ in regards to the right to die in Canada:

·  BC Civil Liberties Association
·  Dying With Dignity Canada
·  Farewell Foundation for the Right to Die
·  Right to Die Society of Canada

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