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WHATMake a wish type program dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of elderly with a chronic or critical disease (or a younger person suffering from a life threatening disease.)
WHYTo give seniors with with a chronic or critical disease the ability to realize a life long dream, a hearts desire or to to provide a basic need such as a wheelchair or home repair that will make their lives easier.
WHERE Dreams for Seniors Charity. Debbie Davison - Founder.
Pekin Illinois, USA.

Program Description

"Perhaps your elderly neighbor wants to reconnect with a friend she hasn't spoken to in years. Or your grandmother would like a computer so that she can stay in touch via email with family and friends. Or a nursing home resident you visit would like to go to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. That's where we step in.
We bring together the resources and 'people power' to make those
dreams come true."

The "Dreams for Seniors" Program relies on local sponsors and volunteers work to grant senior wishes and gifts for seniors.

Example of senior wishes that may be possible to fulfill are arranging for things such as:

  • Reuniting with family and friends
  • Senior Home Cleaning Services, Home Repairs, such as new flooring or new appliances, or yard maintenance
  • Getting connected through Internet
  • Taking part in activity or fun event from the past
  • Basic necessities of food, shelter, and clothing
  • Realizing a lifelong dream
  • Meeting a hero or celebrity
  • Tickets to a show or sporting event

Anyone may make a wish on behalf of a senior including seniors themselves as long as they meet the guidlines.

Criteria for making a wish are:

  • 68-years-old or older with a chronic or critical disease (or a younger person suffering from a life threatening disease.)
  • Reside within a 50-mile radius of Pekin, Illinois.
  • Have the physical and mental ability to participate in the dream’s fulfillment

Senior dreams should fall in the budget of around $500 to $1,000 or must be granted with the help of a sponsor.

Sponsors can be individuals, businesses or organizations. Volunteers are also needed to help make a wish come true by donating their time and skills to help arrange and organize wish details.

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