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WHATHelps the elderly and terminally ill to take care of their pets by walking dogs, temporarily fostering pets, running errands such as buying pet food etc.
WHYTo help the elderly and terminally ill care for their pets when they are no longer able to do so at full capacity. To provide the elderly or terminally ill with the peace of mind that their pets will be cared for when they pass away.
WHEREThe Cinnamon Trust.
Founder-Averil Jarvis.
United Kingdom. (UK)

Program Description

"We keep them together for example, we'll walk a dog every day for a housebound owner, we'll foster pets when owners need hospital care, we'll fetch the cat food, or even clean out the bird cage, etc."

"It is widely acknowledged that pets can positively benefit the well-being of elderly owners. For many elderly people living on their own, their pets are their reason for living."

By taking care of the pets of elderly, pets in turn take care of the elderly. Pets provide elderly with therapy, safety, protection and comfort. Pets can help elderly reduce stress, provide emotional security, and provide seniors with a routine activity such as walking, feeding and grooming.

A network of volunteers help elderly or terminally ill pet owners to provide care for their pets. The “Cinnamon Trust” Program will help elderly with services such as walking the dog every day for housebound pet owners, foster and take care of pets when pet owners go into the hospital, do errands such as buy pet food, and clean up after pets.

The elderly or terminally ill may experience anxiety and the worry about “what will happen my pet if I die or get sick or have to move into long-term or residential care.”

If elderly can no longer stay at home and must move into a nursing home or other long-term care facility, the Cinnamon Trust ‘Pet Friendly Care Home Register’ lists pet friendly care homes and retirement housing which accept senior residents with pets.

The Cinnamon Trust promises to care for pets whose owners have died or moved into a nursing home, other long-term care facility or residential accommodation which will not accept pets. In this situation, the “Cinnamon Trust” Program keeps the pet owner and pet in regular touch with pet visits to the nursing home, and sending regular photos and letters.




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