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WHATIn person arts and crafts program for the elderly, people with dementia, adults with learning and physical disabilities, mental health concerns and others.
WHYTo provide residents of care homes with hands-on structured arts and crafts activities by trained leaders.
WHERECreative Mojo.
Founder - Sandra Caldeira-Dunkerley.
United Kingdom.

Program Description

“Quite simply, our workshops assist in getting people with Dementia's Mojo back! By using our bespoke shapes, individuals who may have lost their previous confidence in being creative can join in, regain this confidence and feel able to express themselves once again.”

“Along the way they may learn new skills if they have never painted or if they have in the past, perhaps relight their creative side.”


Creative Mojo provides older people living in care homes with the opportunity to learn new skills with tailored training and access to arts and craft supplies and resources.

Older people and those with cognitive disabilities can participate in art classes and workshops and enjoy being creative.

Art and craft workshops may focus on seasonal, cultural, art history, popular art movements and new ideas. Cultural art projects for elderly have included, Asian Natsu, South American Traditional Weaving, African Tinga Tinga Art, and Aboriginal Inspired Sea Turtles.

One on one art workshops with individual residents are also available.

Art and craft leaders are trained in dementia awareness, learning disabilities, challenging behavior, engaging residents and motivation, management expectations, marketing and business planning.

Creative Mojo provides franchisee training for those who are interested in starting their own art and crafts business in care homes.

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