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WHATOlder adults from senior living communities volunteer to lead programs that mentor youth in literacy and art, and advocate for racial equity.
WHYTo help older adults stay engaged and connected by leading projects that help youth and the community.
WHEREGaithersburg Beloved Community Initiative.
Asbury Methodist Village. Maryland, USA.

Program Description

“Our Mission. To forge intergenerational relationships and community partnerships that promote social justice and help build resilience in and improve the lives of children, youth, families, and older adults.”

“Residents play an integral role in planning, creating and organizing what happens on our campus. Residents and associates work together to ensure that a wide variety of interests are always represented, and that there are options available for residents to continue their current interests and discover new ones, too.”

Older adult residents help youth by engaging in intergenerational activities such as:

  • Early literacy for children.
  • Mentoring elementary school children - reading together either one-on-one or in small groups,  journal writing, and working on collaborative projects.
  • Mentoring middle school children - art-making processes, engaging in dialogue, collaboration, and reflection.
  • Engaging with high schoolers - through Courageous Conversation workshops that tackle issues of discrimination and prejudice.

The Gaithersburg Beloved Community Initiative’s outdoor mentoring program allows youth to put aside screen time activities and connect with each other and older adults for in person activities such as dancing, word games, laughing yoga, creative activities, and more.

Older adult residents and high schoolers engage in conversations on racism and anti-racism with the aim of creating a socially just community.

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