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WHATResource materials to educate health care professionals, researchers, and policy analysts on multicultural issues associated with aging and health.
WHYTo promote cultural sensitivity , diversity and cultural competence to improve the quality of health care for older adults.
WHEREStanford Geriatric Education Center.
Stanford University School of Medicine.
Stanford, CA, USA.
In partnership with San Jose State University, Community Health Partnership, and Santa Clara County Mental Health Department.

Program Description

“The Stanford Geriatric Education Center is a nationally recognized leader in the field of ethnogeriatrics, or health care for elders from diverse populations.”

“Geriatric training programs for health professionals are offered in many formats and with many different emphases for different audiences.
They all have in common the assumption that geriatric training for health providers should be done in the context of our diverse population
of older adults.”

Training for professionals focuses on how to incorporate culturally sensitive care when providing health care services to older adults.

The Stanford Geriatric Education Center Ethnogeriatric Program covers diveristy in aging and multicultural senior sensitivity in the areas of:

-Health literacy
-Dementia care
-Family caregiving
-Chronic disease self management
-Emergency preparedness

The Stanford Geriatric Education Center Ethnogeriatric Program provides diversity in aging resources and educational material including webinars on health and aging within the following cultures:

-African American
-American Indian / Alaska Native American
-Hispanic / Latino American
-Asian, Pacific Islanders American
-Asian Indian
-Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander
-Southeast Asian

The Stanford Geriatric Education Center Ethnogeriatric Program offers a mini-fellowship in Ethnogeriatrics which includes intensive supervised training and self-study on topics related to health care of elders from different ethnic backgrounds for faculty, educators, researchers, and clinicians/providers with teaching functions in health care, social services, and pastoral professions.

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Senior Programs
-Serving Elders of Color Initiative Program
-ASA - Network On Multicultural Aging Education Program
-New Ventures Leadership Leaders of Color in the Field of Aging Program
-More Senior Awareness & Sensitivity Programs

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