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WHATAssociation of individuals and organizations with interests in gerontology.
WHYTo improve the quality of life for older adults through education, research and practice.
WHERESouthern Gerontological Society.
Georgia, USA.

Program Description

“Aging is one of the most dynamic fields of study. New developments are shared among educators, advocates, practitioners, and policy makers in search of innovative techniques and applications to improve the experience of growing older. Southern Gerontological Society is a valued partner in this progress.”

The Southern Gerontological Society works to:

·  Provide a membership organization for people who are interested in education, research, service delivery, and other areas in the field of gerontology.
·  Promote communications among those concerned with enhancing the status of older people.
·  Assume leadership in the southern region in the field of gerontology.
·  Advocate for the development of public policy in aging within the southern region and in the nation.
·  Encourage educational and training programs that serve older people.
·  Identify areas of study and assume leadership in the development of research strategies and research designs.
·  Take an active role in the clarification and implementation of the results of demonstration projects, experimental programs, and research.
·  Develop plans to systemically address current issues in the field, research developments, and political developments.

The Southern Gerontological Society has published a helpful toolkit on how to advocate for aging related issues covering how to write letters to Congressmen, capitol hill visits, and more.

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