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WHATThe Society of Certified Senior Advisors provides professionals in any industrywith in-depth training and credentials so that they can effectively work with and interact with senior clients and the senior market.
WHYTo help those working with seniors and the senior market to better understand the aging process, aging related issues and the affect they have on older adults. Sensitivity training promotes successful professionals and satisfied seniors
WHERESociety of Certified Senior Advisors.
Founder - Ed Pittock.
Across the USA.

Program Description

"We believe that the right kind of planning, recommendations and referrals can make aging a state to be savored instead of a fate to be feared. For those who work with seniors, that means understanding the key health, social and financial factors that are important to seniors—and how these factors work together."

"After becoming a Certified Senior Advisor 82% reported a measurable increase in their business."

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Certified Senior Advisors train to increase their awareness of how to better work with older adults no matter what industry or business they are in.

Senior Advisor Certification can be used for the following professionals:

Accountants • Attorneys • Business executives • Clergy • CPAs • Doctors, nurses and pharmacists • Financial planners • Funeral directors • Geriatric care professionals • Home health care professionals • Insurance agents • Realtors • Reverse mortgage lenders • Senior housing professionals • Social workers.

The idea behind the Society of Certified Senior Advisors is that goals can better be achieved through interaction with someone who understands age-related challenges and circumstances.

Certified Senior Advisors focus on building relationships with seniors. Once certified, advisors have an increased knowledge of senior health, senior social and senior financial issues and therefore can understand the bigger picture of their lives.

The Certified Senior Advisor course teaches anyone who works with seniors about strategies and tactics for working more effectively with the senior customer and the senior market.

Certified Senior Advisors have been trained on the following senior awareness topics:

Aging Awareness - Trends in Aging, Aging and Society, Physiological Changes of Aging, Mental Health, Grief, and Loss in Later Life, The Experience of Aging.
Aging within the Family and Community - The Family and Social Support Systems, Caregivers and Caregiving in America, Housing, Home and Community-Based Services.
Health and Mental Health - Chronic Illness in Seniors, Senior Nutrition, Fitness, and Healthy Lifestyles, Cognitive Aging, Spirituality and Aging, End-of-Life Planning.
Financial Literacy - Estate Planning, Financial Choices and Challenges for Seniors, Long-Term Care Coverage, Funeral Planning.
Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security - Medicare, Medicaid and Seniors, Social Security and Supplemental Security Income.
Ethics in Doing Business with Seniors

Keynote speakers from the Society of Certified Senior Advisors are available for presentation before businesses to increase awareness of how to tap into the senior market, and to provide information about aging and the challenges of working with older adults. Presentations such as "Finding Success in the Senior Market" and "Aging Well" are provided upon request.

Finding Success in the Senior Market - looks at how an aging population is reshaping the United States. The presentation challenging senior citizen stereotypes and forces participants to look at aging in a new light. The presentation also looks at how senior health, social and financial factors impact working with or marketing to boomers.

Aging Well - Looks at perceptions about aging. Increases knowledge about healthy and successful aging and working with or marketing to seniors.

The Founder of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors, Ed Pittock worked with aging experts, doctors, attorneys, gerontologists, accountants, and financial planners to develop the standardized Certified Senior Advisor training and curriculum.



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