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WHATThe Revera Innovators in Aging Program partners with and invests in innovative companies which aim to improve the lives of older adults.
WHYTo find ways to continually improve the lives of seniors at Revera living communities.
WHERERevera Inc.

Program Description

“Often, anyone over the age of 65 is categorized as a single group from a market perspective. With Canadians living well into their 80s and 90s, Revera recommends companies rethink how they view the senior market given that a person who is 85-years-old has different wants and needs than someone in their early 70s.”

“Seniors are actively seeking products and services that support independence and choice, but there is a gap in what is available to them given innovation efforts are rarely focused on improving the aging experience. The Revera Report on Innovation and the Aging Experience points out that companies that embrace this key demographic have a big opportunity as the Canadian population continues to age and has more wealth than ever before.”

-Revera Press Release: Innovating the Aging Experience Calling all Canadian businesses.

The Innovators in Aging Program aims to partner with innovators who are designing a product or providing a service or technology which addresses key challenges to senior care and living.

The program helps new innovative technology companies to succeed and at the same time empowers seniors and employees to find solutions to aging challenges and improve senior services.
Revera provides start-up companies guidance, pilot sites and an opportunity to test and evaluate their product, service or technology’s impact on senior residents and staff, and gather feedback.

Past Innovators in Aging have included:

Braze Mobility – a wheelchair blindspot sensor.
Stediglove – a glove which reduces tremors for those who experience hand tremors or have Parkinson's Disease.
WalkJoy – a sensor which can reduce falls by sensing gait, balance and steps.
Swift Medical – designed a wound management app.

The program actively involves seniors residents at Revera Living to help make a difference by offering Resident Innovation Officer positions. Resident Innovation Officers offer input, perspective and contribute their ideas to meetings.

Chief Elder Officer Hazel McCallion engages senior residents and families at Revera communities to share their experiences to help improve programs and services.

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