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WHATA campaign initiative to encourage people to change the way they look at aging and taking care of aging parents India.
WHYTo increase awareness and sensitize people about the state of the vulnerable elderly so that seniors can live with the social security and emotional support necessary to live a dignified life.
WHEREReturn of Million Smiles.
Across India.

Program Description

"Many factors have combined to cause an inversion in the population ratio in terms of age - increased life expectancy, break-down of the joint family system, and also lifestyle changes that have brought a difference in disease patterns in its wake. The message is loud and clear - it is the younger generation's responsibility to create an age-friendly environment that empowers the elderly to grow old with self-assurance, being fit both physically and mentally, emotionally active, and financially secure."

Return of Million Smiles aims to challenge age discrimination, challenge stereotypes and motivate the younger generation to support the elderly.

The movement believes dignity for the elderly is represented in the following key areas:

  • Dignity of Choice and Control
  • Dignity of Care
  • Dignity of Participation
  • Dignity of Association
  • Dignity of Purpose
  • Dignity of Identity

The movement also hopes to motivate seniors to live and enjoy life irrespective of age.

The campaign website is collecting aging related videos, photos and stories to share and help educate the public on elder awareness. The site also lists several ways in which the younger generation can help the elderly and lists warning signs for elder abuse and victimization such as an elderly person suddenly hesitating to speak in front of others, or unexplained fear, anxiety, sleep disorders, and sudden mood swings. In addition the site has helpful tips on how to prevent elder abuse and guidelines from the police.

Return of Million Smiles is asking people to pledge to:

  •  Spend time with elders.
  •  Ensure that all elders are able to lead a life of dignity.
  •  Look after the day-to-day needs of parents and elder relatives.
  •  Take care of their health, medication and well-being.
  •  Inspire others to take this pledge to respect and love elders.
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