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WHATA multidisciplinary research initiative on aging related topics.
WHYTo improve the quality of life of older people.
WHEREThe New Dynamics of Aging Program.
UK Research and Innovation. Department of Sociological Studies.
The University of Sheffield. United Kingdom.

Program Description

β€œI asked each of them to prepare an impact statement, so that right from the beginning of their work they were thinking about 'when I finish this and publish the results, what is going to be the impact on...could be policy, could be practice, it could be the development of new products.”

β€œAt the end of it, it has to have an impact on society that will lead to an improvement in the experience of the ageing process. If we can genuinely transform the way that society views the ageing process and the way that society thinks about older people, then that will be the most rewarding thing that I could think of.”

Aging related research is conducted in the following areas:

  • Aging and biology
  • Aging and fiction
  • Ages and stages
  • Art and identity
  • Cardiovascular ageing
  • Cell aging
  • Continence
  • Design for aging well
  • Dignity in care
  • Envision
  • Financial abuse
  • Transitions in Kitchen Living
  • Landscapes
  • Longitudinal ageing
  • IT use by older people
  • Mobility and ageing
  • Music for life
  • Safety on stairs
  • South Asian communities
  • Stress and immunity
  • Women and ageism

The UK Research and Innovation has several divisions including the Economic and Social Research Council, The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, The Medical Research Council, and The Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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