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WHATAn educational program to inspire entrepreneurs and innovators to create businesses that provide goods and services to serve the needs of aging populations around the world.
WHYTo provide catered goods and services that meet the current need of the senior market, which includes both the elderly and their families.
WHEREModern Aging Ministry of Health.
ACCESS Health International and NUS Enterprise.
Ministry of Health.
Singapore and Sweden.

Program Description

“In Modern Aging Sweden, selected young entrepreneurs participate in a fourteen week program that includes lectures, workshops, and seminars with some of the most important policymakers and managers in elder care in Sweden.”

“Modern Aging Singapore will also leverage world leading university research and technologies by bringing these together with innovators and entrepreneurs. This highly focused initiative offers Singapore the opportunity to have global impact on aging populations. Simultaneously, Modern Aging Singapore will catalyze the development of future Singaporean entrepreneurs in the elder market.”

Modern Aging helps businesses to meet the needs of the elderly by providing resources such as online learning, focused workshops, individual mentoring, experts and leaders from business, leading university research and technologies by bringing these together with and entrepreneurs.

In addition to entrepreneurs and innovators, the business community, university students, graduate students, post doctoral fellows, researchers, healthcare professionals from local universities, polytechnics, research centers, and regional health systems are all encouraged to participate in the Modern Aging program.

At the end of the training program businesses will submit a business proposal and the winning idea will receive $50,000 in seed funding. 

The organization puts out a helpful ebook covering the senior market called ‘Modern Aging: A Practical Guide for Developers, Entrepreneurs, and Startups in the Silver Market.’

ACCESS Health International aims to provide high quality, affordable care for the elderly and the chronically ill by consulting with public and private providers to help implement new and better cost effective ways to care for older adults.

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