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WHATIntergenerational activities that connect older adults and students along with aging sensitivity training.
WHYTo engage older adults in social interaction, cognitive stimulation and physical movement. To create volunteer opportunities for younger generations to connect to older adults and to become aware of the aging process.
WHERELink Generations.
Maryland, USA.

Program Description

“As part of the after-school program, students are trained in basic principles of adult development and aging as well as practical techniques for working with older adults who have cognitive and physical limitations.”

Student volunteers learn about the aging process through:

  • Aging sensitivity training.
  • Attitudes towards aging and ageism.
  • Principles of gerontology.
  • Best practices for working with older adults.
With the help of aging sensitivity kits which include shaded glasses, gloves, and cotton, students engage in sensitivity training exercises to simulate what it may feel like to experience hearing loss, vision problems, reduced sense of touch, and mobility limitations.

Intergenerational activities that older adults and students can engage in include life storytelling, art, dance and more.

Older adults can benefit from intergenerational activities by:

  • Feeling a sense of purpose and connection to others.
  • Receiving cognitive stimulation.
  • Engaging in social interaction.

Students benefit from intergenerational activities by:

  • Improving self-esteem
  • Learning how to be with older adults.
  • Learning about history.
  • Fulfilling social service and academic requirements.
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