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WHATBringing older people and younger people together discuss everything from stereotypes of each group to interests and opinions.
WHYTo connect different generations together, increase awareness of ageism, have fun and reduce social isolation.
WHEREIntergenerational Quiz.
Generations Working Together.
East Renfrewshire Council. Scotland.

Program Description

“Age based stereotyping has been expressed as ‘a silent killer of collaboration and productivity’. There are as many differences between the generations as there are between different cultures. How the differences are dealt with is crucial as is finding out if the differences are as great as is often first perceived.”

“…creating active communities, regenerating neighborhoods, decreasing inequality and challenging stereotypes and perceptions.”

Older and younger generations work, learn and volunteer together.

The Intergenerational Quiz can be used by schools, care homes, assisted living, retirement communities and other organizations to connect the older and younger generations together in order to increase learning, have fun and help reduce social isolation.

The format for the intergenerational program is flexible and to be adapted to each community.
The tool kit assists participants in setting up their own unique program format.

Older and younger people can both increase confidence and self-esteem, and reduce stereotypes, stigma and fear of the other group.

Intergenerational Quiz activities may involve sample topics such as:

  • Stereotyping statements and questionnaires.
  • Fashion through the Ages.
  • Wii Golf Technology .
  • Songs and Artisits .
  • Speed Texting.
  • Dominoes and Playing cards.
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