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WHATINNOVAGE is a project dedicated to developing, testing, surveying and cataloging social innovations that will have a solid impact on improving the quality of life and well-being of older people.
WHYTo develop a new formulation of active ageing by addressing the major barriers to social innovation and health across the European Union.
WHEREFunded by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme. United Kingdom.

Program Description

"Though a widely support concept, few countries have adopted a comprehensive model of active ageing. Many national and European policies focus narrowly on the labour market and working longer, which tends to exclude any older people not engaged in economic activity. Focusing on only the more active older people neglects frail older people and especially those in long-term care institutions. The emphasis on physical activity has also led to inattention to the importance of maintaining mental capacity and mental well-being."


INNOVAGE builds on the expert research team at the center of the FUTURAGE project, which created A Road Map for European Aging Research. In total nine partners from seven different countries make up the consortium, each bringing different disciplinary interests and expertise in aging research.

INNOVAGE principles are as follows:

  1. A shared commitment to science applied to the improvement of human well-being.
  2. Aging research requires a multi-disciplinary perspective.
  3. Europe is not presently maximizing its considerable resources and not currently improving well-being and quality of life as rapidly as possible.
  4. A new vision of ageing is required which emphasizes the positive potential of older people.
  5. The great potential for social innovation in this field has not been sufficiently exploited.
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