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WHATA consulting company that helps companies connect with the mature market and develop innovative aging related products, services and programs.
WHYTo help companies design better products and services which will allow older adults live more independent lives.
WHEREGerontology Innovation Consulting.
Massachusetts, USA.

Program Description

“Our knowledge and expertise uniquely positions us to help companies connect with the mature market population and develop products, programs, and services for the older population.”

Gerontology Innovation Consulting provides aging related innovators with information and consulting services on mature market trends, competition strategies, market insights, partnerships, marketing, sales and branding.

Innovators interested in developing new aging related products or services for the senior market in the areas of Aging in Place, Long-Term Care and Technology and Aging can receive guidance and support.

Gerontology Innovation Consulting aims to highlight intergenerational collaboration and challenge aging stereotypes.

Aging Programs
Senior Awareness & Sensitivity Programs
Senior Marketing

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