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WHAT The Gay & Grey Program enhances the lives of older gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community members through LGBT senior sensitivity trainings, education, advocacy for inclusive LGBT senior housing along with providing a safe space for LGBT seniors to gather and connect with community.
WHYTo increase awareness of LGBT senior issues and to build a community among older LGBT people by creating educational, social, residential, and support opportunities.
WHEREGay & Grey.
Friendly House.   
Portland, Oregon, USA.

Program Description

Gay & Grey is working with and for LGBT elders 60+ to create community and social change and perform the following:

-Conduct LGBT senior sensitivity and diversity trainings to educate health care workers, retirement home staff, college classes, social service agencies and many others about the unique issues facing LGBT elders

-To ensure the safety and well-being of LGBT elderly

-Advocate on behalf of LGBT seniors for inclusive and open housing - a housing assessment program and committee is under way in order to provide attractive housing options for the growing LGBT 60+ community

-LGBT senior community building through social events including educational presentations on legal, medical and cultural workshops

The “Gay & Grey” Program holds the “Annual Gay & Grey Expo” an event which markets to LGBT seniors and includes health consultations, fitness evaluations, gay-friendly social activities, LGBT senior housing resources and financial concerns along with music and food.

“Gay & Grey” is an affiliate of SAGE - Services and Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Elders.

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