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WHATMarketing to baby boomers with the help of online senior marketing targeted techniques covering everything from brand image, logo and website design, SEO, views, traffic and ad bidding.
WHYTo cater to the unique needs and wants of the boomer age group by using senior market research.
WHEREComing of Age - Senior Marketing Based in Illinois, USA.

Program Description

"In mid-life, consumer behavior typically becomes more autonomous presenting marketers and sales professionals with the most independent-minded customer population ever. To be successful in Baby Boomer and senior customer markets, it is no longer effective to rely on tried-and-true marketing and sales methods for this rapidly growing and lucrative customer base."

"Ageless Marketing – An Innovative Marketing Paradigm In the marketing field, it is commonly assumed that customers process communications in more or less the same way. However, behavioral research tells us that the general character of people's world views, values, views and needs change in relation to their season of life."

According to Coming of Age today's seniors expect accessible, interactive and engaging websites. A long-term strategy to internet senior marketing is encouraged, one that engages seniors in social media.

Coming of Age Senior Marketing has market research and insights on how seniors respond to factors that result in making a purchase such as: price-sensitivity, emotional stimuli, values, quality, competing products, product or service facts, time to complete a purchase, marketing to boomer women verses marketing to boomer men, etc.

Businesses are able to become aware of any necessary changes to products and services that may be needed to better fit the boomer demographic.

Coming of Age helps businesses tap into the senior market through the following online senior marketing services.

Senior Online Marketing.
eCommerce Site Development .
Mobile Marketing to Seniors.
Email Marketing to Seniors.
Affiliate Marketing.
Social Media for Seniors.
Display Advertising.
Digital Creative & Design.
Senior Marketing Speaker Keynotes, Presentations, Workshops and Seminar

Coming of Age Senior Marketing clients include: AARP, Humana, AT&T, Allianz, TransAmerica, Wyndemere Senior Living an more.

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