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WHATA blueprint for state government, local government, the private sector, and philanthropists to help prepare California for the increase in the older adult population.
WHYTo be a leader in aging strategy and to create communities where people of all ages and abilities are engaged, valued, and provided equitable opportunities.
WHERE California’s Master Plan for Aging.
California Department of Aging. State of California.
California, USA.

Program Description

“The Master Plan for Aging calls on all California communities to build a California for All Ages & Abilities: for older Californians currently living through the many different stages of the second half of life; for younger generations who can expect to live longer lives than their elders; for communities of all ages – family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and caregivers surrounding older adults and people with disabilities.”

The California’s Master Plan for Aging consist of five goals:

  • Housing for All Stages & Ages – more affordable housing options, including disabilities, dementia-friendly. Increased outdoor and community spaces. Accessible senior transportation and emergency and disaster preparedness.
  • Health reimagined – increased access to medical care services and non-medical supports to people living both in home and in community. Health care workforce training in geriatrics, Alzheimer’s and dementias.
  • Inclusion, Equity Not Isolation – increased social inclusion through employment and volunteer opportunities, and intergenerational engagement. The goal is for older adults and people with disabilities to be economically, civically, and socially engaged, without experiencing age discrimination or bias. Closing the digital divide and increasing internet and digital device access allow older adults to connect to family and friends, health care providers, and access additional support. To strengthen elder abuse prevention and response which includes elder neglect, exploitation, and fraud.
  • Caregiving That Works – higher wages for caregivers, addressing caregiver stress and loss of income due to family caregiver duties. Incorporating virtual care and telehealth to help support caregiving duties.
  • Affording Aging - ending homelessness in older adults by providing affordable and accessible housing with supportive services, keeping Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Payment (SSI/SSP) up to date to prevent senior hunger and poverty. Income security for older adults by reducing housing and health costs and expanding employment opportunities.

The California’s Master Plan for Aging aims to complete its goals and strategies to build a better California for All Ages by 2030.

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