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WHATA national campaign to tackle age-based prejudice and ageism. The project includes an animated film put together by an intergenerational group of students, artists and animation experts from the British Film Institute and Magic Me
WHYTo highlight the many different areas in which older people experience ageism.
WHERE British Film Institute.
Magic Me.
United Kingdom.

Program Description

"Bin Ageism powerfully shows the impact of ageism on younger and older characters, and asks the viewer to sign up to a campaign to fight this negative force, by pledging to Bin Ageism! through three actions: Think Twice, Know Your Rights and Spread the Word."

"Ageism affects us all, throughout our lives. Strangers, bosses, even family members make judgements about us based on our age, not our ability or potential. Ageism operates at work, in the health system, on the tube, at home. Magic Me has 25 years' experience of bringing younger and older people together. They tell us about the impact of ageism, how it limits people's expectations and their potential. That's why we want to Bin Ageism."

The film Bin Ageism is available to raise awareness of ageism and the negative impact it has on society. The film details prejudice in health care, work and other social settings.

Bin Ageism is available for screenings at schools, workplaces, care homes and cinemas.

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