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WHATA national photo essay exhibit showcasing older adults who are living mentally active lives without allowing age be a barrier.
WHYTo profile older adults who are living vibrant lives and to stress the importance of staying mentally active.
WHERENational Center for Creative Aging. (NCCA)

Program Description

"Launched in 2010, Beautiful Minds: Finding Your Lifelong Potential is a campaign that celebrates individuals who are keeping their minds beautiful and raises awareness of the actions people can take to maintain one of the most vital parts of the body—the brain."

"NCCA and DSM Nutritional Products, LLC features adults 55 and over to be in a national photo essay exhibit showcasing women and men who are doing beautiful things with their minds without letting age be a barrier. The photo essay exhibit will travel to multiple cities as part of this educational campaign to inspire Americans to follow suite in maintaining their brain health."

"Do what you love because the time goes really fast and before you know it you'll also be 74 and you'll wish you had done what I do what because its wonderful."

-Carol Siegel. Beautiful Minds Video

The Beautiful Minds Campaign features stories of accomplishment, creativity and reinvention in the second half of life and captures older adults engaged in the arts such as dancing, drawing, photography, theater, with fitness, sports and other activities.

Older adults submit an essay describing what they are doing to keep their minds beautiful and the campaign choses the top winners to profile. 

The campaign focuses on the areas of: diet and nutrition, physical health, mental health and social well-being.

Beautiful Minds aims to improve brain health by providing research, education and inspiring stories. The website contains information on what actions older adults can take to maintain their brain health within the four key areas of diet, physical health, social well-being and mental engagement.

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Find out more about the Beautiful Minds Campaign : Finding Your Lifelong Potential

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