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WHATThe Australian Association of Gerontology connects professionals working in the aging related services industry.
WHYTo collaborate with other professionals and exchange information on aging to ultimately improve the lives of older adults.
WHERE Australian Association of Gerontology.

Program Description

“To improve the experience of ageing through connecting research, policy and practice.”

Members of The Australian Association of Gerontology include: geriatricians, academics, researchers, nurses, policy makers, allied health professionals, social workers, consultants and other gerontology specialists. Members of the association connect with one another through aging related forums, workshops, seminars and conferences, and through participation on committees and special interest groups.

The Australian Association of Gerontology heads committees on issues related to older adults in the following areas:

Elder Abuse- covering ethical, legal, research, awareness and advocacy aspects of elder mistreatment.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) older Australians - to discuss and promote issues of aging for LGBTI older people, with the aim of creating a positive aging experience for older people of diverse sexuality, sex and gender.

 The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aging Advisory Group (ATSIAAG)  - offers guidance and advice on all issues related to aging in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The association offers several Gerontology courses across Australia.

The Australian Association of Gerontology publishes, The Australian Journal on Ageing (AJA) the official Journal of the Australian Association of Gerontology covering topics such as social gerontology, home and community care services, geriatric medicine, health services research and the biology of aging.

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