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WHATA community of researchers, older adults, caregivers, and others working to find technology-based solutions to make difference in the quality of life of older adults.
WHYTo help older adults maintain an independent lifestyle, good health and quality of life through the use of technology.
WHERENetworks of Centers of Excellence (NCE) Program. Government of Canada. University Health Network.

Program Description

“To most effectively harness the power of technology and translate it into practical solutions, it is crucial that the people who will be using the technology are consulted and fully involved from the early stages right through product testing and marketing. Researchers in this theme are centered on understanding the needs, preferences and abilities of older adults related to technology, and on developing tools to include them in all stages of technology development.”

“Researchers in TECH-MCH are developing software applications for screening and assessment, interventions to enhance mental health and cognitive function, and tools that can automatically detect behaviors that lead to poor cognitive and mental health.”

“AGE-WELL is preparing the next generation of
Canadian leaders in technology and aging.”
-Video: Early Professionals, Inspired Careers


AGE-WELL represents Aging Gracefully across Environments using Technology to Support Wellness, Engagement and Long Life.

Technology and Aging related research is taking place under the following areas:

  • Needs of older adults - involving older adults in technology design and testing of products and marketing.
  • Needs of caregivers - support to assist caregivers in using technologies that assist older adults.
  • Technology for Supporting Autonomy and Independence - including robotics, smart home systems, and artificial intelligence and sensing.
  • Tech for Active Participation in Society - design, create, test and market new communication technologies to reduce isolation in older adults.
  • Tech for Prevention and Reduction of Disease and Disability - sensor systems in a person’s environment that deliver health information in real time such as bed sensors to collect information on breathing, movements, monitoring respiration and provide early intervention.
  • Tech for Maintaining Good Mental and Cognitive Health - applications and games to help older adults manage signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Health Systems, Practice, Policy and Regulatory Issues - policy issues, regulatory issues and licensing of aging related technology.
  • Ethical, Cultural and Social Aspects of Technology – funding, ethical and social issues, data privacy and confidentiality.

The AGE-WELL EPIC training program (Early Professionals, Inspired Careers) prepares future innovators in the field of technology and aging.

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