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WHATThe Age-Inclusive Management Strategies Program trains employers to implement strategies to recruit and retain experienced employees.
WHYTo transform the way employers approach the future of aging by addressing the needs and preferences of experienced employees (age 50+ workers). To prevent ageism and age discrimination in the workplace through education and training.
WHEREColorado's Above-Fifty Employment Strategies.
The University of Iowa College of Public Health.
Transamerica Institute. NextFifty Initiative.
Colorado, USA.

Program Description

“AIMS Colorado is a multi-year project dedicated to transforming the way employers shape the future of aging in Colorado by addressing how they meet the needs and preferences of experienced employees (i.e., older workers). This conference was an action-packed day exploring the issues, opportunities, and win-win situations of multigenerational workforces, as well as sharing the successes of employers who are working with the AIMS program.”

“Many workers will want and/or need to stay in the workforce beyond traditional retirement age in order to adequately save and achieve financial security when they retire.”

“The strategies can be simple, including things like rewriting job descriptions to be more appealing to older workers, creating part-time roles for people who are highly skilled but no longer interested in a 40-hour workweek, or providing eldercare benefits for employees who are now caregivers for aging parents.”,

Age-Inclusive Management Strategies is a free program for employers.

Human resources professionals are given the opportunity to assess how age-friendly their companies are.

Training and support is provided to employers on strategies to create a better working environment for older workers. The program can also help workplaces with how to implement an age inclusive policy.

The Age-Inclusive Management Strategies Program aims to:

  • Identify and assess how employers are addressing experienced employees.
  • Facilitate implementation of best practices among Colorado employers.
  • Initiate a state-wide public awareness campaign highlighting how employers can address the implications of an aging workforce.

Employer Training Topics include:

  • Age-Inclusive Management Strategies.
  • The Future of Work.
  • Finding Work After 50 and Rethinking Retirement.
  • Tenure, Age, and Performance: What Employers Need to Know.
  • More  
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