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WHATA training toolkit to help address senior to senior bullying in nursing care, retirement and assisted living facilities.
WHYTo provide strategies for older adults, caregivers and those working with older adults to stop bullying.
WHEREThe Centre for Elder Research. Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario.
Dr. Kirsten Madsen.

Program Description

“People of all ages can be bullied.”

“Bullying is sometimes called harassment and happens when someone hurts, intimidates or scares a peer consciously or unconsciously. When someone is being bullied they often have a hard time defending themselves. Bullying is usually not a one-time event. It can happen over and over again.”

“Solutions: Everybody’s Business Senior to Senior Anti-Bullying Toolkit… contains best practices for older adults, front-line staff, and agencies to use in order to prevent and respond to bullying behaviors between older adults.”

The Senior Bullying Project began by collecting information from older adults through a survey about their experiences with peer to peer bullying. Key areas were identified and strategies were developed on how to best prevent and intervene in cases of older adult bullying.

Senior to Senior Anti-Bullying Toolkit training topics include:

  • Setting an Antibullying Policy and Procedures.
  • Targets of Bullying.
  • Creating a Positive Environment.
  • Reporting.
  • Older Adults Who Have Engaged in Bullying Behaviors.
  • Older Adults Who Have Witnessed Bullying Behaviors.
  • Training through Case Scenarios, Examples, Modules and Journal Prompts.

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