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WHATA guide for how to keep seniors safe online and prevent elder financial abuse.
WHYTo make sure older adults are aware of how to stay safe online by detailing basic safety tips, and the various scams targeted towards seniors, how to report scams and what adult children can do to help prevent their parents from becoming targets of online fraud.

Program Description

“With more and more people going online every day, many criminals have moved away from in-person petty crime and scams and toward online fraud and attacks. Seniors, unfortunately, have become a prime target for many of these scammers. Businesses are enlisting the help of cyber insurance to mitigate these risks, but on a personal level there are many techniques that everyone can use to identify possible criminals online before they can cause any real harm.”

“…since seniors often use the internet to stay in touch with family, scammers often use the names of relatives to violate their trust and steal from them, such as impersonating a grandson and requesting that money be wired to a scammer’s account.”

The CyberInsureOne Online Safety for Seniors guide provides the following online safety information for older adults:

  • Online Safety Basics - never trust a stranger online even if they have or know information about you, never share your personal information online.
  • Common Scams Against Seniors – request to validate banking information, asking for a loan, selected to have won a prize.
  • How to Report a Cyber Scam – FBI (IC3 The Internet Crime Complaint Center), and AARP Elder Watch.
  • Protecting Your Parents Online from Financial Abuse – making them aware of online scams, ensure that they have firewall enabled, antivirus installed, and software to backup their files.

CyberInsureOne is a Cybersecurity insurance company which offers insurance to individuals and businesses in order to protect them from consequences of online attacks.

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