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WHATThe NYC Elder Abuse Center provides: rapid response to elder abuse cases, develops effective policies impacting elder abuse victims and their families, along with education and research to professionals, students, key decision-makers and elected officials about elder abuse.
WHYTo provide case management to elder abuse victims and their families and to prevent elder abuse, neglect and exploitation and ageism through education and research.
WHEREThe NYC Elder Abuse Center. New York, USA.

Program Description

"Financial exploitation. Physical abuse. Psychological Abuse. Abandonment. Neglect. All are aspects of elder abuse, increasingly common nationwide, with approximately 120,000 older adults victimized in their own homes each year in NYC alone – and 96% of these cases go unreported."

The NYC Elder Abuse Center and partner agencies provide elder abuse prevention training to professionals from across disciplines and systems on a wide range of topics related to elder abuse and aging. Presentations are interactive, and make use of discussions, case studies, and DVDs.

Elder abuse prevention training is appropriate for physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, bankers, social workers, nurses, attorneys, caseworkers and students. 

Elder abuse prevention training topics include:

  • Clinical Evaluation of Elder Abuse and Neglect
  • Combating Financial Exploitation
  • Crime Victimization in Older Adults
  • Elder Abuse: Clinical Social Work Interventions
  • Elder Mistreatment: An International Perspective
  • Guardianships and Alternatives to Guardianships
  • Helping Elder Abuse Victims: Mental Health Perspectives
  • Intimate Partner Abuse in Later Life
  • Resident to Resident Elder Mistreatment in Long Term Care Facilities
  • Services & Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Elders
  • Self-Neglect in Older Adults
  • Strategies for Assisting Reluctant Elder Abuse Victims
  • The Power of Partnerships in Responding to Elder Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation


Elder Abuse Prevention Programs
Elder Abuse Prevention Training Programs




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