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WHATA report on elder abuse against women and a call for action to improve the well-being of older women and future generations of women.
WHYTo help put an end to elder abuse and to protect older women's dignity and independence.
WHEREThe Older Women's League (OWL)
Annual Mother's Day Campaign and Report.
Based in Washington, DC. Across the USA.

Program Description

"We believe it is time to end elder abuse and to make sure that our daughters and granddaughters and those they love can look forward to a long life free of coercion, physical and psychological harm. OWL is advocating for a federal standard that will ensure that future."

"OWL's sharp focus is what makes it unique. We are the only organization that focuses solely on issues affecting the nation's estimated 78 million women over 40 – economic security, cost effective and comprehensive health care and an enhanced quality of life."

In 2009 The Older Women's League focused on Elder abuse citing that women are more likely to suffer the pain and turmoil of elder abuse than men. The goal of the report was to help put an end to elder abuse and to protect older women’s dignity and independence.

The report includes research on the following topics:

  • Elder Abuse: A Women’s Issue
  • Age and Intimate Violence
  • Protecting Your Mother from Financial Fraud and Abuse
  • Elder Justice Legislative Update and Coalition
  • Elder Justice Act
  • Medication Abuse, Neglect and Mismanagement
  • Dementia and Elder Abuse
  • Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Caregiver Abuse
  • Age and Intimate Violence

Specific warning signs of elder financial abuse may include an older woman:

  • Taking a large amount out of the bank or other cash accounts.
  • Making numerous withdrawals of small amounts.
  • Changing power of attorney or the beneficiaries on insurance or investment accounts.
  • Bounced checks or bills going unpaid.
  • Unusual or unnecessary purchases.
  • Agreeing to make unnecessary home repairs.
  • Becoming too close with a much younger person or an inappropriate person.
  • A caregiver is interested in the elder's finances.
  • Senior scams such as telemarketers that pressure older women to sign up for services, give personal information over the phone, or gifts if she signs up right away for product or services.

Common senior scams include:

  • Pigeon Drop scams – a con artist claims to be willing to split found money with a person if she will make a good faith payment by withdrawing funds from her bank account.
  • The Fake Accident Ploy - gets the elderly person to withdraw money on the pretext that the elder's child or another relative is in the hospital and needs the money.
  • The Senior Seminar - elder financial abuse can begin at senior seminars. Predators are aware that older people are eager for financial advice and purveyors of financial abuse have reached vulnerable seniors.

Previous annual reports have included aging related topics such as :

Women and Long-Term Care: Where Will I Live, and Who Will Take Care of Me? – issues related to the U.S. long-term care system as the majority of long-term care recipients, caregivers, and direct-care workers in long-term care facilities are women. 

Women and the Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities Facing Women as They Age - unemployment, pay inequality, caregiving, age and gender discrimination, and education, training, and technology.

The Affordable Health Care Act: The American Version of Health Care for All - health advocacy to educating older women and their families on the Affordable Care Act.

End-of-Life Choices: Who Decides – educating and encouraging dialogue about end-of-life decisions to help older women decide on end-of-life care.

The Older Women's League's Annual Mother’s Day Campaign and Report focuses on issues affecting midlife and older women. 

Read the The Older Women's League Report on Elder abuse

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