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WHATElder abuse awareness and prevention training for young adults.
WHYTo increase awareness of ageism, neglect, abuse and bullying of older adults among the younger generation empowering them to do something about the issue in their own community.
WHEREPublic Health Agency of Canada.
Author - Sharon MacKenzie.
International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse.
i2i Intergenerational Society. Canada

Program Description

“Sadly, many of us have become largely unaccustomed to being with older or younger generations as we live and work increasingly in mono-generational settings.”

“Elder Abuse Awareness Teen Kits are meant to assist individuals and groups in all generations to work collaboratively, creating time and place for respectful intergenerational connecting. Intergenerational trust building is a largely untapped resource for understanding and preventing elder abuse. It has potential to build resiliency within community and society.”

The Elder Abuse Awareness Teen Kit- Intergenerational Trust Building: An Untapped Resource for Preventing Elder Abuse may be used by community organizations, clubs, schools, faith-based or cultural groups.

In addition to elder abuse awareness and prevention the goal of the kit is to empower teens to start projects within their community which promote respect, empathy and intergenerational understanding towards older adults. 

The training includes:

  • PowerPoint Presentation -what is elder abuse, types of abuse such as physical, psychological, neglect, financial exploitation and risk factors.
  • Scenarios of Elder Mistreatment – disregard of older adults at the grocery store, street crossings and other public places, or taking belongings or money from a senior directly or through misleading paperwork.
  • Project Ideas, Planning and Development such as social media campaigns, community work, outreach and elder justice issues.
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