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WHAT offers senior discounts, deals and a benefit program which helps senior members save money on anything from grocery to health insurance. Seniors are free to share the benefits with their extended families.
WHYSeniors save money in almost every purchase area of goods and services. The benefits program is possible in part due to the fact that seniors have enormous purchasing power and influence over large retailers.

Program Description

"'We created the Benefits Club in response to feedback from our users, who told us they wanted special deals,' says Deborah Long, vice president of business development at"

The benefits program has an annual membership fee. offers specials on senior health insurance insurance. Seniors can also save money on car insurance, home insurance, and life policies.

Some of the other areas where seniors can save money and take advantage of "Grand Deals" include:

-Discounts on Prescription Drugs
-Flight Discounts through
-Hotel and Rental Cars Discounts through
-Cruise Discounts
-Shopping Discounts
-Discounts on Clothes and Toys for Grandchildren
-Entertainment Discounts
-Books and Media Discounts
-Health and Wellness Discounts
-Grocery and Dining Discounts
-Pet Supply Discounts

Annual membership is approximately $20, however initial membership fee may be waived for special promotions. also offers free giveaways on their website, such as free toys for grandchildren, gift certificates and more.

Grand Inspirations
-the website features inspiring video stories from adult children highlighting the importance and influence that the role of grandparents have.

The Grand Corps Volunteer Group - is a group of grandparents, boomers and seniors who volunteer for causes in their communities. hopes to inspire grandparents to contribute their experience and talents to mentor, volunteer and improve their neighborhoods, and the world. Senior volunteer opportunities include helping with organizations such as: The American Cancer Society, The American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels and many more great organizations.

Senior Volunteer Programs also features fun things to do with grandkids (100 Free Things To Do With Your Grandchildren) gift ideas for grandchildren, online grandparent support groups, forums, blogs, a chat room with other grandparents, and expert advice for grandparents. Expert advice is available on issues such as senior health finances, travel and retirement. Senior stories and videos celebrate the role of grandparents, and provide a legacy to children and grandchildren. The aim of is to connect and inspire families.

Grandparents as Parents Caregiver Programs




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