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WHATTo honor and enrich the lives of elderly living in nursing homes by granting "senior dreams" through a make a wish type model.
WHYTo help make dreams come true for those seniors in nursing homes who do not have the ability to fulfill their own wishes.
WHERETwilight Wish Foundation.
Cass Forkin-Program Founder Based in Pennsylvania. Program available in most areas of the USA.

Program Description

"Twilight Wish was founded by Cass Forkin in Bucks County, Pennsylvania in 2003 after a life-changing encounter with several elderly women in a diner the previous year. It was clear to Forkin, as the women were counting out their change, that they could barely afford even a simple buffet lunch in a diner, so she anonymously paid their bill. The women insisted on knowing who treated them and approached Forkin's table saying 'We didn't know there were still people out there like you. We thought you had forgotten us.' "

-Twilight Wish Media Kit -

The "Twilight Wish" Program provides seniors with a customized, memorable, person-centered activity in what can be an environment of limited nursing home activities.

The “Twilight Wish” Program helps fulfill the following types of senior dreams:

Simple Needs - Basic Needs such as providing free wheelchairs, scooters, ramps, walkers, visual aids such as glasses, hearing aids, nutritional food such as fresh fruits and vegetables, clothing, stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, heaters, mattresses

Celebrating a Life - End of life wishes for hospice patients or those with limited life expectancies. Wishes may include family reunions, visits to hometowns or other places

Living Life to the Fullest - Riding on a motorcycle, a hot air balloon ride, a fighter jet, a fishing trip, meeting a celebrity, going to a sports event, or a show.

Veterans Wishes – Veterans living in nursing homes are granted wishes in return for their service to their country. 

Those wishing to Sponsor a Senior Dream can make a wish come true by visiting the "Twilight Wish" Program website where there is a detailed list of seniors waiting for their dreams to be fulfilled. Sponsors can search for a senior dream and make individual donations.

Gifts for seniors are are also accepted by the "Twilight Wish" Program in-kind for donated products and services, cash, securities, or planned gifts such as will bequests, insurance policies, and gift annuities. Donations are accepted by individual and corporate sponsors.

The "Twilight Wish" Program also has an intergenerational student program called the “Intergenerational Education Wish Granting Initiative.” The program matches local schools and students with nursing homes so that elderly residents can have life long senior dreams fulfilled. Students meet and learn what senior’s wishes are and organize fundraising to help purchase senior dreams and finally present the wish to seniors.


Honor Flight Network Program - Across the United States. Transporting America's war veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit the memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifices.

Forever Young Program- Across the United States. A make a wish program for senior veterans, 65 years and older granting wishes and unfulfilled dreams.

Dream Foundation Dream Granting Program - Across the United States. A make a wish type program making dreams come true for seniors and adults suffering life-limiting illness.

Second Wind Dreams Program- Across the United States and Canada. Senior residents of long-term care facilities or hospice have their dreams come true with the help of this make a wish type program.

Wish of a Lifetime Program - Across the United States. A make a wish program that partners with Brookdale Senior Living granting tailored senior dreams and wishes that fulfill anything from basic needs, thrill seeking activities to life long dreams.

Seniors Dreams Program - Ontario, Canada. Helps seniors living in the community and nursing homes to achieve life long dreams or to simply make a wish happen

Intergenerational Education Wish Granting Initiative -Across the United States. Intergenerational wish program where students interact with seniors throughout the process by meeting and learning what senior's wishes are, organizing fundraising to help purchase senior dreams and finally present wishes to seniors.

Seniors Have Dreams Too Program - Wallingford, CT, USA. A make a wish program that grants wishes to seniors living on limited, low incomes (at or below the current federal government poverty level.




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