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WHATA professional theatre company dedicated to performing plays and productions for senior citizens bedridden in long-term care facilities, hospitals or for those too financially burdened to buy a theater ticket.
WHYSo that seniors living in long-term care or those with physical restrictions can still experience the joy of the arts and theater. To keep seniors' minds, spirits and imaginations active.
WHERE Smile Theater Company.
Ontario, Canada.

Program Description

"Each year, Smile tours four original productions to hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other seniors' facilities in Ontario. The company performs, often twice a day in 300+ shows over a ten month season to approximately 13,500 seniors. In addition to performing throughout the City of Toronto, Smile tours into 48 other communities in Ontario."

The "Smile Theater" Program produces four original theater productions each year to perform for seniors in nursing homes, hospitals, long-term care facilities and other senior care facilities.

Most plays are based on a Canadian subject matter and therefore provide seniors with both an educational and entertaining activity. After performances, cast and crew meet with seniors to discuss the play and memories that may have been evoked by the songs and stories.

Providing live theater and stage productions for seniors in nursing homes provides seniors with a high quality alternative to typical nursing home activities. The live theater performance also provides entertainment which they would otherwise be unable to experience due to access or mobility concerns.

Smile Senior Theater productions are:

-Designed to be performed under challenging conditions (in limited spaces, such as hospital settings and long-term care facilities)
-Portrayed with sensitivity to be meaningful and appealing to its senior audiences
-No more than one hour in length
- An original Canadian play or work

The "Smile Theater" Program has a wide appeal often holding performances for seniors twice a day and boasts 400 shows a year reaching approximately 40,000 seniors. "Smile Theater" Actors, stage managers, choreographers and designers are active professional theatre artists who share the vision of promoting senior theatre.

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