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WHATSenior theater including plays, stage productions and acting workshops are performed by professional senior actors. Senior theater is put on for other seniors in nursing homes providing the option for elderly to participate in more stimulating nursing home activities. Performances are also made to nursing students, school children in schools and other organizations.
WHYTo promote senior theater and senior arts, increase awareness of seniors and provide seniors with the option to participate in more stimulating nursing home activities.
WHEREStagebridge Senior Theater Company
Oakland, and Los Angeles California, USA.

Program Description

"When Stagebridge first began, being over 60 was not nearly as much fun as it is today. Many seniors languished in retirement home settings that provided little stimulation beyond a TV screen or Tuesday night bingo. Today, we use improv, acting and storytelling to help people have the time of their life - at this stage of their life."

The "Stagebridge Senior theater" Program encourages and trains seniors to use their artistic side through senior theatre, senior arts and senior storytelling and in the process breaks down stereotypes of older adults and creates positive attitudes toward aging.

Seniors perform in high-quality stage play and productions, storytelling and improv events for other seniors in nursing homes and senior centers, and for students in schools and for the public in other venues.

Senior theater including plays and productions are put on at senior centers and nursing homes providing seniors the option to participate in stimulating nursing home activites. Acting classes and workshops for senior residents are also available.

Through Stagebridge's "Performing Arts Training Institute," the first professional performing arts training program for seniors in the United States, seniors can work towards certification by taking acting and improv classes, singing and dancing, set design, lighting, puppetry and storytelling lessons. Seniors can learn skills such as how to keep the audience engaged, developing character, voices and gestures, how to tell personal stories and tales.

Nurses Training- Stagebridge promotes and teaches elderly awareness and sensitivity training to nurses involved in eldercare by putting on fun performances that depict what elderly go through. Nurses are encouraged to look at the elderly whom they will be treating in their careers as individuals with a story behind them rather than just a room or bed number.

Intergenerational Story telling Programs in Schools - Stagebridge takes senior actors and performers to students. Seniors use storytelling to help at-risk school children increase literacy and confidence.

Stagebridge is involved in several Dementia Day Programs through the "TimeSlips" Program which helps seniors with Alzheimer's and other form of dementia, and their caregivers experience creative expression.

The organization also puts on senior theater and arts workshops or performances for corporations, and other venues.

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