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WHATVirtual Reality VR technology goggles for seniors in nursing care and senior living facilities to relive moments from their past or travel to places they have never had the opportunity to experience.
WHYTo provide older adults with technology that improves their lives and engages them in something outside of themselves and their living facility.
MIT AgeLab.
Founders- MIT Graduates Reed Hayes and Dennis Lally.

Program Description

“Moving into a facility no longer means leaving everything behind. Allow residents to take a stroll down memory lane by revisiting their home, favorite park, or wedding site… Spark new conversations and memories with impactful, interactive content. Hike up Macchu Picchu as a group, go on a walking tour of Paris, or work together to recreate Picasso’s masterpieces…See a long-lost spark return to the eyes of residents through a combination of reminiscence therapy and new experiences, new friendships, and new stories to tell.”

“I’d think, ‘Hey, what if I were stuck in a building that’s less than 3,000 square-feet with no capability of leaving or traveling? Would I be OK with that?’ The answer was absolutely not… It’s really like a form of prison, and the residents did nothing wrong – they just aged.”
Reed Hayes -Founder Rendever

Older adults who may be physically limited can use Virtual Reality VR technology goggles to see family events such as wedding, see a neighborhood or home they grew up in using google maps or travel the world.

The technology can be used to help provide nursing facilities with a stimulating senior activity and can improve mood and possibly help to reduce depression among older adults.

Reed Hayes and Dennis Lally were awarded the MIT Healthcare Innovations Prize for their work on answering the question of how to improve the social and emotional well-being of senior residents in assisted living.

VR technology goggles are available for senior care facilities, or individual personal at-home use.

MIT AgeLab's aims to use technology to improve the quality of life of older adults and bring fun and play to aging.

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