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WHATThe "Quality Initiative" Program sets goals and target dates for elderly nursing care homes and assisted living communities to improve quality of care.
WHYTo promote and implement the growing culture change movement in elderly nursing care towards more person-centered care, and how to improve nursing care.
WHEREThe American Health Care Association. (AHCA)
National Center for Assisted Living. (NCAL)
Program available across the United States.

Program Description

"...recognizing that each individual in a nursing home is an individual, and the care that we provide that individual should be centered on their individual needs and what they want, and that's really what this initiative is all about."

–Video: "The AHCA/NCAL Quality Initiative"

"If we can accomplish this, what we will have done, as a sector is that we will have improved the lives of millions of people."
–Video: "The AHCA/NCAL Quality Initiative"

Safely Reduce Hospital and Assisted Living Readmissions
- which has negative physical, emotional and psychological impacts on elderly and costs government programs like Medicare billions of dollars.

Increase Staff Stability - the more consistent the staff is, the more they understand and are able to effectively respond to each person’s needs reinforcing the commitment to delivering person-centered care.

Increase Customer Satisfaction - skilled nursing care centers and assisted living communities must ensure that the senior “customers” always come first.

Safely Reduce the Off -Label Use of Antipsychotics - the benefits of the culture change movement in nursing care towards more person-centered care lends itself to using non-pharmacologic means to improve senior care and quality of life for persons with dementia.

The “American Health Care Association” is working with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and other research organizations to provide nursing homes and assisted living facilities access to current data. A software service called LTC Trend TrackerSM is available for member nursing facilities to track and compare progress in achieving the “Quality Initiative” Program’s goals.

The “American Health Care Association” (AHCA) is the largest association of long-term care and post-acute care providers in the United States. The goal of the association is to advocate for quality of care and services for elderly and disabled Americans by providing information, training and education to the public, government, nursing homes and others to reach this goal.




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