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WHATTrains pet owners and pets on how to visit nursing homes, hospice, hospitals, physical therapy centers, long-term care facilities and other facilities.
WHYTo provide companionship, pet therapy and a change in routine activity for seniors in nursing homes. Dogs in nursing homes and assisted animal therapy have also shown to decrease elderly depression, loneliness, and stress.
WHEREPet Partners (formerly known as Delta Society)
Headquarters in Bellevue, WA., USA.
Program available across the United States, Canada, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Norway, and several other countries.

Program Description

"Over 10,000 handler/animal teams bring joy, comfort and compassion to those in need. These dedicated volunteers and their pets have been credited for helping people forget about their pain, providing distractions so nurses can perform medical procedures on pediatric patients, inspiring patients recovering from strokes to perform more physical therapy exercises than when they work with just their human therapists, and even bringing people out of comas!"

Volunteers can learn how to safely visit nursing homes by taking the “Pet Partners' Therapy Animal Handler Course.” The idea behind the course is to train the pet owner first or the 'Human-End' of the Leash before taking dogs or other pets into a nursing home or other facility. 

A veterinarian must screen all pets. All dog breeds are considered for the program.

Both the pet owner and the pet must have their skills evaluated and are then able to submit an application to be registered to provide animal assisted therapy.

Topics covered in the “Pet Partners' Therapy Animal Handler Course” include:

●  How to tell if both you and your animal are a good fit for becoming a volunteer team
●  Preparing yourself and your animal for visits
●  Identifying and decreasing stress in your animal
●  Animal health and safety
●  Special needs of specific client groups
●  How to interact with different types of people
●  Facility health and safety codes
●  Patient confidentiality

Organizations who would like to learn how to start their own animal assisted activity or pet therapy program can do so with a step-by-step guide provided by “Pet Partners.” The online guide covers everything from initial set up of the program, policies and procedures, standards of practice, evaluations, recruiting pet handlers and pets, registration and certification by “Pet Partners” for animal assisted activities or pet therapy.

“Pet Partners” also runs the “National Service Dog Resource Center,” providing information and resources on service dogs. Service dogs help the elderly or disabled perform daily tasks and access public. The “National Service Dog Resource Center” does not train or place service dogs.

 “Pet Partners,” (formerly known as Delta Society) aims to helps people by incorporating pet therapy, and animal assisted activities into their lives.





Therapy Dogs International Nursing Home Program - Across the USA and areas in Canada. Provides free visits of dogs to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, hospices and other facilities to provide animal assisted therapy, an interactive nursing home activity and to give companionship to elderly.

Therapy Dogs Inc. Program - Program available across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Territories. Provides registration, support, and insurance for those involved in volunteer animal assisted activities.

People Animals Love Program - Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. USA.
Certified pet handler volunteers take their pets to visit elderly in nursing homes.

FriendshipWorks PetPals Program - Boston Massachusetts, USA. Arranges for pets (cats and dogs) and their owners to make friendly visits providing animal assisted therapy to elderly in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.

ASPCA - Animal Assisted Therapy Program - New York, USA. Pet owners can register their dogs and cats for animal assisted therapy and visit elderly in nursing homes, hospitals, classrooms, libraries and other facilities.

New Orleans Visiting Pet Program - New Orleans, USA. Animal assisted activity program where volunteer pet handlers and their pets visit nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and other facilities.

Intermountain Therapy Animals Program - Utah, USA. Animal Assisted Activity/Therapy teams visit seniors in Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centers, Alzheimer's Care Units, Hospitals, Veterans Hospitals, Hospices, Rehabilitation Centers and many other facilities.

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