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WHATProvides equine assisted therapy, counseling, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, physical therapy, and recreational therapy.
WHYTo assist older adults and others with mobility goals, improve overall function, health and wellness.
WHEREEquine Therapy Program. Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International.

Program Description

““Licensed medical or behavioral health professionals work within their scope of practice in counseling, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychotherapy, recreational therapy and speech-language pathology.”

“The therapist determines how equine interactions, movement or aspects of the equine environment may enhance the client’s individualized treatment plan with the goals of improving the client’s sensorimotor, cognitive, behavioral, emotional or psychological function for improved health and wellness.”


The organization’s Magazine, Strides: Aging Strong Issue covers information on equine assisted therapy for older adults and those with dementia on the following topics: 

·  In the Presence of Horses
·  Riding in the Moment
·  Senior Saddles – a program for seniors who are passionate about riding horses.
·  Therapeutic Driving for Older Adults
·  Understanding Their World
·  Inspiring Story: Horses Help People With Dementia and Their Caregivers

Equine Therapy Program benefits for older adults, those with cognitive impairment, dementia and others may include:

Improved Physical benefits:

    Improved gross motor skills
    Trunk core strength
    Control of extremities
    Improved postural symmetry
    Reduced abnormal muscle tone
    Respiratory control

Improved Cognitive benefits:

    Increased ability to express thoughts and needs
    Improve understanding of visual cues
    Visual coordination
    Sensory input
    Tactile responses
    Improved attention

Improved Psychological benefits:

    Improved self-esteem
    Opportunities for social interactions
    Increased enthusiasm with treatments
    Enjoyable interactions with the animal

Improved Speech and language benefits:

    Receptive, pragmatic and expressive language improvement
    Stuttering improvement
    Oral motor functioning
    Improved auditory processing

The PATH Equine Therapy Program helps to support members to become licensed therapy professionals through rigorously developed standards, credentialing and education.

The organization works to ensure universal recognition of professional equine-assisted services.

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