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WHATAn easy to use storytelling app which allows seniors to tell a story or share a memory and instantly create a video to send to family members.
WHYTo encourage senior residents to share and record their stories, feeling and emotions in an easy to use format.
WHEREOneDay for Senior Living. Available across the USA.

Program Description

The OneDay senior storytelling video app uses questions as prompts which can be used by senior living facilities, assisted living and nursing homes.

The storytelling app is meant to be used by senior living staff who help to complete the following steps:

  • Visit with a senior resident.
  • Open the OneDay app loaded with prompted questions to ask seniors to get them to open up about a meaningful memory or story.
  • Press record video.
  • Press save and create story.
  • Email or text video story to family members. 

The OneDay app creates an opportunity for an engaging activity between staff and senior residents as well as an opportunity for seniors to open up about their experiences and emotions in a unique way.

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My Story from Stephen Griffin on Vimeo.


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